Please note that my time commitments are variable and I cannot respond to every request.  Please do not “tip” until after I have responded to you.  Thank you!


Are you looking for help understanding the pension lump sum offer you’ve received from your current or former employer?  I can help!

First, I encourage you to read my article at Forbes outlining the general principles of assessing lump sum payments.

If you’d like a check on the reasonableness of your employer’s offer, and an evaluation of whether it might make sense in your particular circumstances, similar to the examples in the article, with comments on what your personal value of the future pension might be under different circumstances, please use the contact form below to send me the following information:

  • Lump sum amount offered by your employer
  • The payout date of the lump sum
  • Monthly pension available at age 65
  • Month and year of birth (the full birthdate isn’t necessary)
  • Your sex
  • Your “collar” (that is, blue collar or white collar) or general estimate of whether you think your health is average, or above or below average
  • The “three-segment” interest rates provided on the offer letter or website

If your employer offers benefits that are more generous than an age-65 lifetime benefit (for example, unreduced retirement before age 65, or a guaranteed 5-year certain period), please describe these.  If you’re not sure, you can send documents to me after I respond initially.

While I’m getting a feel for the degree to which people are seeking help and how useful the information I can provide will be, I’m asking for fees via tips in the tip jar on the sidebar — $25 suggested for a simple calculation (that is, 5 x $5 tips), more if this includes analyzing plan descriptions.

Please note that I am a credentialed actuary and qualified to assess relative value of lump sum offers, but I am not a financial planner who can recommend alternate investment options.


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