Forbes posts, Chicago Pensions (January 2019)

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What’s Worse Funded Than Teamsters’ Central States? Chicago’s Pensions” and the path from 94% to 27% funding for the municipal employees’ plan.

The Problem With Chicago’s Pensions Is That There Is No Low-Hanging Fruit” (with a self-explanatory title).

Chicago Pensions: Is There Hope For Reform?” – because we need to be honest about benefit cuts.

Is Chicago The Next Detroit?” – the differences between the two cities matter.

Actuary-splaining Chicago’s Pension Liability: A Deeper Dive” – in which I try to explain the crash in funded status for non-experts.

No, Pension Obligation Bonds Aren’t A Form Of ‘Refinancing’” – don’t be fooled by the politicians!

More On Chicago Pension Underfunding – It’s The Demographics, Stupid

Will Chicago’s New Mayor Solve Its Pension Funding Crisis?

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