Megan McArdle, Washington Post columnist, wrote about a recent study showing that the amount of “Social Capital” — defined as ” the network of personal and community bonds that help humans and communities function effectively” — varies dramatically by region.

In the meantime, not long ago, I revisited a theme I’ve written about in the past, “I’m sorry, but ‘aging in place’ is still is a piece of *@!%,”  in which I carp about the stubborn refusal of the elderly to get with the program and move into housing that better meets their needs rather than causing their kids to worry (yeah, OK, I have some personal gripes here).

So here’s a request:  please share with me your stories — from your own life or older people you know.  Do they have “social capital” and how does it affect their experience of aging?  And did a move to a retirement community enrich or dismantle their social capital?

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