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  1. Forced out of IBM after 28 years. Definite age discrimination. Most of my peers knew targets were on their backs regardless of their contribution or status in the company. It was a culling of older workers and has been going on for decades. One month’s severance after 28 years is disgraceful! IBM has used the H1B program to hire cheap labor and force out older workers!

  2. Age discrimination is here to stay, with nothing worse than a company like IBM paying a government fine, if IBM or others should slip up. The new America or New American, who retires successfully, is the person who creates his / her own retirement. This will be based on using ones work years to establish an alternative income, such as rental houses (for example). As much as possible, this must be a non-working income, since we get old, sick, and become unable to work. The 401K Plan was intended as the final nail in the coffin of Pension Plans. We will see 401K plans go away. Probably Social Security too, with the passage of time. Only CEOs and top Executives will retire successfully in the future. I sit at the bottom of the ladder. The Great Recession and health ended my worklife. I’ll skip how this may end. It shouldn’t be this way. Bookmarked your site, for I see you speak the TRUTH. Pretty rare today. Thanks!

  3. Will there ever be any compensation for the salaried Ford employee that retired in January 1997, they took my insurance and then forced me to take the buyout.

  4. From Forbes 2018
    I blew the whistle on management at IBM Salt Lake City for coercing employees to work overtime without pay. Prior to 1991 before a Wall Street Banker took over as CEO of IBM, there were Check and Balance between employee abuse and management.

    In 1998, unknown to me and other IBM employees, the Check and Balance was discontinued. There was No protection for Whistle Blowers in IBM just like Corporate America. They just set the employee up for Termination with bogus Performance issues and Fire.

    I met with a lawyer who explained the Options, decided to Retire after 32 years and take IBM to Court, 8 years all the way to the US Supreme Court. I lost with the help to IBM from a Utah US Senator.

    I wrote checks to my lawyer, every month. The journey was not Contingent on Winning.


    I learned a lot from the experience, how Pensions were “Heisted”, how Unions were fighting back against the Corporate greed, and the Republican Party did nothing to Stop the huge disparagement of Income and erosion of Upward Mobility of youngsters since 1980 that us Babyboomers had. https://www.c-span.org/video/?301767-1/retirement-heist

    It was Not an easy road to the US Supreme Court over those 8 years especially when IBM Management, after I appeared on MSNBC as the CWA sponsor of the Offshoring jobs IBM Shareholder Proxy, called a meeting in Salt Lake City with my peers telling them Not to talk to me and if they did, to advise IBM Management immediately.

    I did not know about that IBM Salt Lake City Management meeting until a few years ago, when a peer told me after they retired.

    I kept in contact with my peers over the years especially since they could be called as witnesses had I been allowed to have a Jury trial. IBM succeeded in preventing a Jury Trial with a Summary Judgement in their favor.

    A good friend quietly said a few years ago, “We All knew what was going On”.

    Forbes picked up the picture from one of those 5 Stockholder meetings where I spoke 5 minutes from the Convention floor each year, except 1 where I also spoke for another Proxy, 10 minutes of the 100 minute required Annual meeting.


    Attention “Dyed in Wool Republicans” I hope you are paying attention. I was a Republican for years, the Idaho Republican Party is Not the same as it was when you and I had Upward mobility.



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