2 thoughts on “Forbes Post, “Too Old To Work, Too Young To Retire? ‘Everyone Just Works Longer’ Isn’t An Easy Fix”

  1. Only if you are well should you continue to work! I understand the financial needs but it can be very difficult on supervisors and organizations to accommodate “older, sickly” workers who continue to call off sick as the job still needs to be done! It will put a burden on the remainder of the team to step up with those with constant leave issues.

  2. Does Congress even consider that jobs which require physical endurance and strength may be too difficult for older Americans to co tinue untill full retirement age? I work in the health field as an Occupational Therapist in a rehabilitation hospital setting along with Physical Therapists and nurses. I am 64 years old and my job is exhausting. I am the oldest therapist in my department for good reason ,it’s physically demanding. I am afraid of being hurt every time I go to work but need to work to cover insurance payments. My point is that just because full retirement is raised doesn’t mean people can physically do it. Our bodies just wear out. My point is that people will be retiring “early” on disability if the full retirement age keeps going up instead of on regular social security. Congress can’t legislate how long our bodies function in stressful and physically demanding jobs.

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