3 thoughts on “Forbes Post, “Social Security, The Dependency Ratio, And Immigration”

  1. I would venture to say there is another, time-tested and proven to work solution that seems to be skipped over. That is a stronger commitment within families to provide for their own. This is not to exclude others, but rather to form a building block to a sense of the greater good.

    In my sixty-seven years I have lived and worked in over a dozen countries outside of the USA. In most of the developing world, as well as much of Asia, and the Middle East, families are looked upon as the real source of security and stability. Governments come and go, nations rise and fall, but strong families survive and thrive.
    Government polices are important and we must all play a part in building up our communities on both a local and national level. Families are the building block of societies and we must nurture and preserve these. The two go hand in hand, strong families and strong societies. This engenders a sense of responsibility for one another, for as one goes, so go the other. We cannot always look for governments to look after us, just as we cannot always expect our families to do. The two go hand in hand and together form the basis of a social contract that make up communities.
    Kind regards,
    David Lykins

  2. Another program is the make-up of the money in the Trust Fund. This money is invested in special Treasury bonds and notes, ie lent to the Federal Government. A safe investment.

    But now, or soon, as the benefits paid exceed FICA contributions, the management of the Trust Fund redeem their securities at the Treasury. Where does Treasury get the cash to pay the Trust Fund? Two possibilities: increased borrowing, or increased federal taxes. Both potential problems.

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