3 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Is ‘Every Day a Weekend’ The Right Way To Retire?”

  1. People usually put a lot of effort into planning their finances for retirement, but often you find people don’t necessarily have a plan for ‘what they are going to do’ in retirement.
    What are you going to do in the first 6 months?, 12 months?, 2 years?
    What are your goals?
    Many people we have met when researching ‘Where To Retire In Australia’ and ‘Retire Bizzi’ started a profitable hobby or home based business or worked part time.
    One couple we met had a job at an outback airport for a few months each year), others volunteered at Kimba (South Australia) when they were traveling in their caravans,
    There are so many volunteering opportunities…from ‘volunteering in your pj’s’ (e.g. using a computer at home at any time to help an organisations to joining service clubs, community groups…to name but a few.
    It’s important to have a variety of activities and some that challenge the ‘grey matter’ too

    1. I personally believe it is better to think in the terms that you can do stuff (say like a concert) on a Sunday night without the worry of having to worry about being home by 10pm since you have to go to the office the next day. I did not live for the weekend in my working life, so why should I start doing it now?

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