4 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Dementia: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and a Proposal”

  1. Both my mothers have dementia. It wasn’t until I moved to FL to be near my in-law did I realize that she was in an undiagnosed state. I took her to her primary that confirmed she was on set dementia. We have since moved her to live with us and it’s professing quickly.
    What I do want to point out is the population that has it and it’s not diagnosed. In FL they are victims of elderly financial abuse. I witnessed it when I took my in law in for a haircut and the hairdresser took a 20.00 bill from my mother in laws hand as her “tip”. When I went to the counter to check on her I realized my in-law was in a confused state. The haircut was $13.00. She paid her the 13.00 on her credit card but was unsure why she was giving her 20.00 in cash. I stopped and and the woman argued that is what she wanted to tip her. Another incident was a handy man came to her house for
    14 days to do the same task he did the first day and daily charged her 300.00. He swindled her for over 3300.00 when I caught on to him during a routine visit. They ask for cash so there’s no traceability. I know this topic is dementia but believe me FL “retirees” without advocates (children or a good friend) are being taken!!

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