4 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Who Should Pay For Healthcare And Social Insurance? Sorry, Elizabeth Warren, The Answer is ‘All Of Us'”

  1. I agree…let’s slowly get to a universal health care system based on the best aspects of the countries you mentioned…and, yes, all should pay according to ability…

  2. Dumb neoliberal take that straw mans Warren and does not even try to take her words literally. She says the burden. The largest portion will provided by the rich.

    You mention flat tax rates and that also means that dollar for dollar even in Scandinavia the rich are paying more of the burden than the poor or middle class. That’s how flat taxes work… Why even write this piece? Except to convince wealthy independents and liberals that big ole mean Elizabeth Warren is coming for their money.

    She is coming for you money. Get over it Forbes!

  3. American heslthcare is already outside the norm globally. We pay the most, far more than most countries, for healthcare that delivers results that are far worse than almost 40 countries. The entire US Congress should resign, based on the state of American healthcare.

    Healthcare costs are bankrupting families and making us uncompetitive globally, and those that have failed to rein in these costs should now be held accountable for this situation. Health firms, drug companies, insurers and politicians must now be forced to implement programs guaranteed to reduce the unacceptable costs we face and the horribly poor health of the average American.

    If making the rich, who have the power, pick up the costs for healthcare, maybe they’ll push for meaningful reforms. If not , the Current polarization of America means we are ultimately heading for class warfare and this issue will likely be one of the key drivers of that.

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