9 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Do Illinoisans Think Teacher’s Pension Benefits Grow On Trees? A New Poll Seems To Say ‘Yes.’”

  1. I would take with LARGE grain of salt any results of survey conducted by the IEA…its actually surprising to me that the poll taken does not show 100% of respondents favoring early and increased pensions

  2. “…teaching is far from the sort of strenuous job for which early retirement or a shift to another occupation is appropriate…”

    Spoken by someone who is clearly not a teacher, nor who understands just what that job entails.

    1. Came here to say the same thing! I have been teaching high school students for 25 years and I can tell you that it is a very strenuous job.

  3. Jane has unwittingly published false information about Illinois teachers participating in social security. Although they do not now, for over 50 years, teachers, judges and legislators have scammed Social Security/Medicare by converting their state pension positions to Social Security covered employment, hence Medicare eligibility. The issue has been litigated thru the Illinois Supreme Court, which has prevented the public from viewing the filings. Google: “Illinois teacher social security” and you will see a coverup by unions and TRS officials that would give Madoff multiple orgasms.

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