4 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Forget The Politics: Here’s What The Democrats’ COVID-19/Coronavirus Social Insurance Proposal Includes”

  1. We could keep going down the road of warranty for profits at the expense of the workers! As in the Great depression, and increasing our national debt. Or we may want to take a history lesson from FDR and moving to shore up our social programs. Also pay our debt down. I also realize it took a war to help pay off out debt after the Depression. However we have been paying for a war for the last 19 years so and the National Debt just goes up more. So what is different here please use history to remind you if you are at a lost for words!

  2. Where are they HIDING the permanent funding of planned parenthood? And why are we providing things to American Samoa & other weird places that don’t even have covid 19?

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