6 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Bankruptcy Or Bailout? McConnell And Pritzker Give Their Answers For Illinois’ Pensions”

  1. Illinois is so classically corrupt it pushes the boundaries of the term corruption. And loopholes which aren’t pursued.

    As a slight nod / if’n you don’t believe me… Look up fleet plates for starters. Who offers them when they shouldn’t, who hands them out like candy to relatives, friends, acquaintances.. when those people don’t even drive a “company vehicle” for a place they don’t even work.

    Nickel and dime, folks.

    Prove me wrong.

  2. It is time we open Illinois up.Keep Cook county down that’s where the virus is at.J B Prizkter keeps extending shut down.We need to get small businesses open up.Enough of this.He just wants A bail out.We have rights .PLEASE do something

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