2 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Multiemployer Pension Update: The Story Of The ‘Green Zone’ Teamsters Plan”

  1. As a participant (I mean a victim) of the Central States Plan, I’ll tell you what I know. My company, ABF Freight, has paid 100% of it’s obligation for my pension. I have no say or control over what happens to those contributions and have no right to have them deposited in to an alternative account such as an IRA or 401k. I can tell you this. I have no formal training in investing, but I can run circles around the people who are managing my pensions when it comes to managing my money. I’ve written my members of Congress numerous times and I sense from their responses that we are spoiled union brats who don’t deserve what we worked for. Rather than seeing us as victims of a retirement system that we have no say in, they view us as greedy, undeserving and looking for a free government handout. I don’t know what the solution is, but I’m still an active worker and should have the right to have the company redirect all future payments into my IRA and 401k so I can manage them without the corruption, incompetence and neglect that they have received for a long time by government regulations and trustees that have no idea what they are doing.

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