4 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Post Office Pensions Revisited: What’s Fair, What’s Unfair”

  1. This piece was nothing but a bunch of gobbledygook numbers, attempting and ultimately failing to compare the USPS to other agencies. There are no other federal agencies that have a brick and mortar presence in nearly every city and town in this country, and how it escapes the author is beyond me. It takes people to do this, and lots of them. People that work on Saturdays and Sundays while the author is at home with her family. People that work in old trucks that hit well over 100 degrees in the summer. To not even take note of the bloated bureaucracy that contributes nothing to the bottom line borders on incompetence. Postal workers that actually do the work should have Cadillac health care, their bodies are shot. Numbers alone don’t tell the whole story and attempting to do so is either arrogant or ignorant. Personally, I think it’s the latter.

  2. People work outside year-round. Sad part is, the governor’s running the p o are the problem. Antiquated work rules. Truck drives sitting all day at bulk mail centers waiting for drop pick ups due to lazy workers. .

  3. For whatever reason most of my real mail arrives mid week and on Saturday. The rest of the days it is nothing except the occasional advertising flyer. I am on a motor carrier route so the time involved is the same whether anything of significance is delivered or not. Fewer delivery days would be a cost saving.
    The other item we are hearing about is the sorting machines being taken out of service. Were all of these in the last few months or have most of them been for a longer time? If they can not be put back into use because they have parts missing, as one article that I read mentioned, it would indicate to me they have been out of service long enough for parts to be scavenged for other machines.
    We have always done it this way and we have never done it that way are the major road blocks to improvement.

  4. I really think you should check your facts before you write such Lies. You should take a few minutes and get your facts accurate; talk to any Postal Union Officer and you’ll find the truth. The REPUBLICAN party has tried several times to privatize the POST OFFICE. If this happens the rates you misquoted for European Countries will sound cheap compared to what privatize mail would become. After 31 years with the Post Office I’ve seen what works and what is happening by the New Postmaster General is a total distraction to get people to second guess what the Post Office really needs. Our President has been a Total failure when it comes to correcting the issues that could bring the Post Office back. Again I highly recommend that you get your facts from people that truly know. Start with the President of Postal Union. Sincerely Yours a Postal Supervisor and past carrier.

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