5 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Yes, Poor Retirees Pay More Effective Marginal Taxes Than The Rich. What Can We Do About It?”

  1. Hi Jane. I think you ought to take a look at your writing style. Your sentences are much too long. I know you’re not trying to write prose but geez! Here is an example: “That article summarizes the conclusions of a May 2020 paper, “Marginal Net Taxation of American’s Labor Supply,” which took data from the American Community Survey to look at the situation across all surveyed households, to calculate the Marginal Tax Rates when all kinds of taxes, including federal/state/local income taxes, FICA taxes, and so on; and all sorts of transfer programs, including SSI benefits, Food Stamps/SNAP, Medicaid or ACA/Obamacare subsidies, subsidized housing, childcare benefits, and so on. ”
    Surely you can do better than that!

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