One thought on “Forbes post, “Multiemployer Pension Plan Bailout Update: The Good News, Bad News, And The Pricetag”

  1. Let me guess dont have a pension??? I’ve paid in, as part of my pay, sense 1990… Why should i have to take a reduced benefit? Ive played by the rules.. to now the tune of $350/week contributed. Ive paid property and income taxes for 30 years, that have went to help people in need. Ive even been forced to pay extra on my electric bill every month to help low income people pay there bill and dont complain…But now, that people with pensions need help, they’re all supposed to just take a cut in what they deserve or get nothing??? If thats what you want I’m fine with it.. just have the governent give me back half my taxes for the last 30 years and all of my pension contributions and we will call it good…

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