2 thoughts on “Forbes post, “The ‘Loneliness Epidemic’ Among The Elderly May Not Be What It Seems”

  1. It was refreshing to come across your article – the only ine i found that questioned the status quo!!

    I have been conducting a search to find any research or opinion articles that address whether enjoying and basking in being alone & socially isolated or unengaged was an anomaly. I wondered if those who worked professionally in fiels such as health, experienced retirement differently from those who were non-professionals. Are there seniors who are not lonely because they are alone, and who choose to engage as little as possible, as they enjoy their solitary pursuits such as thought-provoking reading and learning. I am retired & free to do so!!!

    The lack of any extant literature on these and related topics has led me to consider getting engaged in conducting research again. Surely I am not the only one who feels as I do!

    I started looking into this to find evidence to support that I am not depressed, since I prefer to be alone or just with my husband. I cringe when the phone rings. Who wants what now…Maybe after I have been retired for 5 years, I will feel differently. Interestingly I led an intense patient engagement in health research unit- but am now just relishing disengagement when I can get it.

    This is the first time i have ever commented online!! I refuse Facebook & Twitter & other social media platforms. Why would anyone want or need those!

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