4 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Should Poor Families Be Given Tax Relief On Their Social Security FICA Tax? Spoiler Alert . . .”

  1. Hello Jane, here is my question?
    Should someone who has legally paid into FICA for 40 years who is now drawing SSDI Should they be taxed twice? Is that fair? And the people who are paying under the table hasn’t that money already been taxed and payed by before it was released to the original employee. What I mean is is if Gary works his employer takes taxes out of his check for the FICA IRS and State, he hires someone privately to work on his floor in his house and pays him cash if there isn’t any income tax in your state then how can the bank report to the IRS if the friend Gary hired deposits $600.00 into his account. It’s not the IRS business. ? Just wondering ?

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