One thought on “Forbes post, “What Does Aging-In-Place Mean? It Depends On Whom You Ask”

  1. Fantastic article! Among my age cohorts (in our 80s), we want to stay in our homes — no matter what. I had a stroke in 2020, that affec my left leg and foot and need a metal walker in and out of the house, plus a human walker outside the house. ( do have LTC insurannce, but good qualified help is not easy to keep). I am in the field of Aging, and find myself dependent on family or a professional caregiver to assist me in walking outside, and cleaning my house inside. My social activities are greatly lessened, and when I contemplate moving to a senior community, it would literally take me about a year to clean out my papers, etc. Also, I am sorry that my 55-year-old son, who lives downstairs from me, has to have the burden of checking on me, walking me, et al.

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