3 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Will Bernie Sanders’ Social Security Expansion Act Save Social Security – Or Wholly Upend The System?”

  1. There was so much left OUT, of this article that I could write three articles just on what was left out.
    However, I was most disappointed at how this article treated the disable like we are “:deadbeats”. I, for one, NEVER wanted to be listed as disabled. I got CAUGHT by genetics, and family history. Most of what I have, now, is INHERITED. This is why I can neither work a full time job, nor sterilize restrooms/breakrooms, anylonger.

    Another fact, which this article left out. The article makes it APPEAR that recipients are receiving “millions of dollars”, per month, in benefits. The FACT is that we live on ONLKY about $850.00 per month.

    This amount must cover rent, utilities, household needs, medications, and every other household need that we have.

    There are those who would enjoy it if the public could be made to think that the disabled live the life of a person like Donald Trump. This when our lives are so much closer to low-income/un-employed people.

    I just thought that readers would like to know the FACTS.

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