3 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Is This Longevity-Annuity Social Security Proposal The (Retirement) Holy Grail?”

  1. well, that would work for me…I stopped working last year and will begin collecting SS September of this year (when I’ll be 70)…my wife is 6 years younger and will begin collecting in a year or two…my parents died in their 70s, her’s are still alive in their 90s (she’s extremely healthy and active…me, less so)…she’ll likely out live me by 20 years (though, of course, you never know), so, I would have waited until 75 if available because you can’t argue with guaranteed 8% growth…

  2. I have put together a plan to totally privatize Social Security that looks perfect to me and I would love to get your opinion. My name is Gary and I await your contact.

  3. I always chuckle at these articles that favor waiting to collect Social Security. The biggest unknown in retirement is how long will you live. My Social Security benefits end when I die. My retirement savings will be passed on to my heirs. Taking Social Security at age 62 means I am not spending as much of my retirement savings, leaving more for my heirs. Numerous calculators will estimate your longevity. Use that to determine your breakeven age of taking benefits early or delaying. Then ask, are you likely to live that long?

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