2 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Yes, Let’s Expand Social Security – To Public Sector Employees”

  1. Jane,
    Your article totally seems to overlook the fact that teachers in social security excluded states have been actively attempting to legislate coverage for years. To Repeat: IT IS NOT THE TEACHERS CHOICE TO BE EXCLUDED. MOST OF US WOULD KILL TO BE PART OF SS. Every year our professional association makes another attempt to get Congress to sign on to get this changed. Check for yourself with NEA or AFT on their lobbying efforts on this issue. The issue is, it must be changed at the federal level. What we have been told is not that the exclusion is right, or that it is fair. What we are told is that “it is too expensive” to make the change. (Even though the cost would be about 3% in addition to what social security already pays out). So, quit blaming the teachers, and put the blame where it belongs!

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