5 thoughts on “Forbes Post, “I Really Want To Support Rubio’s Family Leave Plan, But . . .”

  1. family leave plan…I propose that the people having the child save up the money beforehand in order to take the time off from work…

    1. How many people have enough wages to save to take the time off work? How many do not? How many employers would even grant that time? I think what you might be saying is only middle class families and those above should be having children?

  2. I think it is a great idea. I mean we tried to save up money for our 1st, but I had a difficult pregnancy and we had over 10 thousand in unexpected expenses even with health insurance. The thing is that people expect women to be able to go back to work pretty immediately, but pregnancy labor, and newborn complications are a lot more common than I think most people realize. Most of the Moms interact with average around 4 hours of sleep a day for the first month or so of their child’s life. Do you really want those Moms behind the wheel or back at work? Also most newborns need near around the clock care for the first few weeks of life if properly cared for. For these reasons I really think staying at home with your newborn for the first month should be considered a medical necessity and treated as such.

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