4 thoughts on “Forbes Post, “Pritzker, Rauner, And Illinois’ Pension Trouble”

  1. In IDOT alot of the work can be contracted out and done better. Reduce personnel and new hires have to contribute to a 401k plan. Union members should contribute to the locals pension not the state. IDOT could also combine yards and one yard cover multiple counties and sell off closed yards. This is just a thought.

  2. I live in Southern Illinois by St. Louis, MO. As soon as our youngest son graduates High School in four years we will move over to the Missouri Side of St. Louis Metro area. Missouri better represents me and my family, and it is better than being ignored by the idiot Chicago politicians that have ran our once great state of Illinois into the ground. I have no faith that either political party has the balls to step up and correct what is really wrong in Illinois, that is a corrupt political system that looks out for their friends and not for the people. How else can you explain that Michael Madigan is the longest serving speaker of any state house in the history of our nation. He has oversaw the destruction of our state and yet no one will vote him out?

  3. If they try to amend the Illinois constitution to implement a progressive income tax, they better amend it to deal with the ridiculous pension system too.

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