3 thoughts on “Forbes post, “How To ‘Scrap The Cap’ The Right Way”

  1. well, as you say “at the risk of repeating myself”…eliminate the current income cap on taxing Social Security …the simplest and most efficient solution to the future SS shortfall…other than that the system is fine the way it is, and has been for decades…

  2. Is there something magical about the current cap that the philosophy behind Social Security will change if the cap is raised? I wouldn’t eliminate the cap, but for the long term viability of Social Security, I think a gradual increase in the cap makes sense.

  3. The fact that is ignored by all anti-tax-the-rich folks is that the rich, the top 2% whose income starts at 250k+, is that they are the only people in this country with disposable income of any quantity. And in fact immense quantity that has gone largely untaxed for over 40 years and the very reason we have vast income inequality and a public-private-partnership in crime corporate state that maintains this inequality. Taxes after WW2 topped at 90% above $100k (about 1 million today) and then down to 73% and 50% by Reagan. This non-taxation of the rich has incrementally defunded US society over the last 40 years rendering us now a Banana Republic.

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