6 thoughts on “Forbes post, “‘Go North, Young Man’ – To The Wisconsin Public Pension System”

  1. See also the South Dakota Retirement System. Very similar concept but different mechanics. Fixed contribution rates (split 50/50 member/employer) and variable benefits (mostly through COLA like Wisconsin) designed to keep plan 100% funded at current assumed 6.5% discount. Full details in winning paper from SOA Retirement Section’s Retirement 20/20 contest at https://www.soa.org/sections/retirement/retirement-landing/

    There are some states striving to do what’s right for all stakeholders. They just don’t get the amount of press that plans in crisis get.

    1. It’s approved now. (I generally don’t require moderation but sometimes WordPress puts a comment into the moderation queue based on links/video, and in this case I hadn’t noticed.) In fact, I really appreciate the link and am looking forward to reading it!

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