6 thoughts on “Forbes post, “‘Go North, Young Man’ – To The Wisconsin Public Pension System”

  1. See also the South Dakota Retirement System. Very similar concept but different mechanics. Fixed contribution rates (split 50/50 member/employer) and variable benefits (mostly through COLA like Wisconsin) designed to keep plan 100% funded at current assumed 6.5% discount. Full details in winning paper from SOA Retirement Section’s Retirement 20/20 contest at https://www.soa.org/sections/retirement/retirement-landing/

    There are some states striving to do what’s right for all stakeholders. They just don’t get the amount of press that plans in crisis get.

  2. Hello. I responded to your post on the Wisconsin Retirement System earlier this week, but I do not see my response posted. Did I do something wrong? Thank you. Keith Brainard

    1. It’s approved now. (I generally don’t require moderation but sometimes WordPress puts a comment into the moderation queue based on links/video, and in this case I hadn’t noticed.) In fact, I really appreciate the link and am looking forward to reading it!

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