11 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Elizabeth Warren’s Social Security Proposal Doesn’t Go Far Enough: It’s Time For A Basic (Retirement) Income”

  1. I wonder if those who think receiving full Social Security benefits is not fair are those who did not have a full career before a public service job that pays a pension. The fact is, my measly 1141.00 benefit will be docked 425.00 a month due to WEP. Couple with my teacher pension, I will end up receiving about 4000.00 annually above the poverty line. Wouldn’t want to get too large a “windfall,” would I? I am a lifelong conservative who is tired of Republicans giving lip service to a WEP repeal at election time to troll for teacher votes, then conveniently forgetting once the elections are over. At least Warren is the only major candidate promising a repeal.

  2. Somehow. It’s not understood that the more funds the government injects into the economy. The less that money is worth. Actual goods and services are limited by reality. Political correctness can’t change economic fundamentals.

  3. Every action has consequences. The higher minimum wage, less jobs. If given free money, more inflation. If taxes too heavily, more work arounds or people leave.

  4. I am not retired yet, but can see it up in the not so distant future. I am in that generation that will never know what a defined benefit plan for private sector is/was. Every single dollar I put away for retirement meant I didn’t do something in the present. Seems to me that folks forget about that lost opportunity for us, especially those with a taxpayer funded pensions that are guaranteed by none other than the taxpayer. Social security has turned into a mess, and these proposals only appear to make it worse. SS will turn into one big political football and take any fairness out in favor of appeasing certain groups for political gain. As always, the loser in SS, like every facet of life in this country it seems, will be the the ones that plan, save, defer immediate gratification and attempt to fend for themselves without an outsized expectation of government handouts.

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