6 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Let’s Talk “Basic Retirement Income” Social Security Reform – What Would It Look Like?”

  1. No wonder the European countries are doing so bad. So cut my benefits in half? There’s motivation to work harder. Why not increase the age to 90 so you don’t have to give anyone their money back.

  2. Dear Jane,
    I have worked since age 13, at starter jobs followed by Social Work and substitute teaching. However, my own Social Security benefit would be almost nothing due to years spent at home, caring for my sons and later my disabled, elderly mother.
    I returned to full time social work at age 50 and retired at age 70 (almost 71).
    While working full time for 20 years, my husband died of cancer. As his widow I received his full benefits as well as my salary. The moment I retired, I had to choose: take my own negligible social security or take my state pension and the smallest fraction of his that you can imagine, due to the “government pension offset.” I think this is a great injustice because I got NO credits for the years at home AND now don’t receive anywhere near what my husband PAID IN to Social Security. Had I not worked at all, I would be better off financially. This is a gross travesty and should be corrected. Civil servants like me (teachers, social workers), who are hardly overpaid to begin with, should not have to choose between their pensions (50% of my salary), and their spouse’s
    Social Security benefits.

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