14 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Capitalism, And Retirement Accounts: The Dog That Didn’t Bark”

  1. Full Bailout of Multi Employers Plans, Employers Plans and Government (State & Local) is something that can be corrected if all this institutions were to be fully funded at the end of the year. The law allows them to be underfunded with the idea they will catch up in the future. For private corporations they “deduct” the expense from the financial reports, put never put in the cash, that is why bankruptcies happen. There is not enough money for retirees. In public institutions officials make promises of future benefits without being sure there will be money to pay them. Just look at the underfunded accounts of Chicago, Detroit and Stockton. Change the laws for 100% funding, and problems will be significantly reduced.

  2. You want to discuss policy, social media is not the way to do so. It seems that pundits would rather expound to other pundits while the masses listen. You have some good points. Bernie and Warren are promising ephemera. But to suggest 40 years of risk shifting didn’t happen? The private sector used to have defined benefit pensions.

  3. The reason Sanders and Warren don’t suggest expansion of IRAs or 401ks is because those are self funded, to a certain extent. Their supporters want money for free, from all of the rest of us.

  4. Workers and owners aren’t necessarily adversaries, imo. Look at profit sharing at companies, including GM. And company shares in 401 k plans. And joint interests in a company thriving. And yes, for workers to have retirement income, they must invest in the stock market, like every other retiree….

    But unions and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren seem to take an either or view. Corrupt bosses, while turning a blind eye to corrupt unions, who bankrupt the corporation while blaming others for their own demise.

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