5 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Where Does Bernie Sanders Stand On Retirement, Pensions, And Social Security? It’s A Two-Legged Stool”

  1. I think you are saying I didn’t deserve the money I was promised by my company when I retired. Is it, therefore, fair to assume the mortgage I agreed to pay for 20+ years should be null and void because since I didn’t get my retirement money, I have no money to pay the mortgage? The agreement I signed means nothing because my circumstances have changed or, does this only apply to corporations when making agreements with employees?

      1. I worked for a major television network as a reporter. I worked out of a station it owned in the MidWest. I not only appeared LIVE on the station almost daily, the network syndicated my reports on the stations it owned and actually made money off me. While I was employed by the network, the station was bought and sold three times (by major media companies). Although I had a long contract, I decided to leave after a couple of years to return to the East Coast (for personal reasons). I made a deal with the General Manager to do a series on adult literacy in exchange for not being forced to sign a contract with the new owners. I was told that I would receive a $350 a month payment in lieu of a pension. (In the news business, because of constant changes in employment, I was never anywhere long enough to get fully vested in a pension plan. I was told by the network station I would get the; monthly stipend (because I agreed to give up my health care and I signed a non-compete agreement). I thought no more about it until I reached retirement age and began looking for my monthly payment. The network indicated it was not responsible because when company A bought the network, it assumed my contract. Company A said when it sold the station to company B, company B became responsible for my contract. Company B said it was not responsible and denied it owned the station during the time I was there. Meanwhile, the network was sold again and the new owner wanted nothing to do with former obligations.
        The situation always was very complicated but the bottom line is None of the hundred million dollar corporations has ever paid me a nickel. I live on $1145 social security.

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