9 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Biden/Harris’s Anti-Trump Social Security Message: Granny-Off-The-Cliff-Ism Is Back”

  1. You certainly sound like you would endorse Trump’s plan for payroll tax cuts (mostly impacting the weather), for which he has presented no clear plan of how those cuts would be paid back. I do not see where Sen. Harris was dishonest and you didn’t provide the entire quote or context. I’ll be paying for Trump’s payroll tax cuts in next years Tax returns. If not, he will be taking away social security benefits from those who qualify and those in the future. I get it…you’re a Trump supporter. I’ve read through your articles and they’re all about undermining Biden, especially Harris. I’ve always been a fan of Forbes as seemed bipartisan. I’ll need to research that further.

  2. I completely agree. If your looking to catch Kamala Harris in a lie, this is a stretch. She’s not being dishonest, Trump is being vague in his plan. I think the result of Trump’s proposal is murky, at best. You’re comments are misleading. All we can research and speculate on right now are hypocritical situations. That is what Senator Harris was doing.

  3. I dis agree with your comment about that the Kamal’s description is dishonest! You already said in your article that it is true if there was no input to the SS system. Trump said that it will replace it from the general fund. There is no money in general fund, remind you that the general fund is in 20 Trillion deficit. So where is that money coming from? Please explain. I can do math, I am an retired electrical engineer and still consulting.

    With TRUMP’s actions on destroying the current Obama care without any prospect of replacement and history of false promises, I do not believe he will fund SS from general funds.

    Shyam Mehta

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