Forbes post, “Joe Biden Promises To End Traditional 401(k)-Style Retirement Savings. What’s That Mean?”

No more 401(k) tax deferral — what does that mean for your retirement savings?

Plus, see the update with more explanation.


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Forbes post, “Does Joe Biden Have Dementia? Does It Matter?” – Update

Should Joe Biden take a dementia screening test?


Yes, this article was removed by my editor; I have submitted it for publication elsewhere, and will share the link if it’s accepted (so thanks to those who have inquired).  The bottom line of the article was that Republicans are going after Biden for a wide variety of “gaffes” as possibly signaling dementia, but that Biden could remove this as an issue with a simple screening test.  My editor’s rationale for removing it was that this was outside my area of expertise and inappropriately politically-focused, and she has every right, as an editor, to make this call — so there’s no need to feel that I’ve been wronged or that Forbes is inappropriately favoring Biden.