8 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Will The Folly Of Biden’s ‘No New Middle-Class Taxes’ Pledge Scuttle A Bipartisan Infrastructure Agreement?”

  1. As a simple, EA, with several hundred clients in the NYC metro area and in Orange Co. Ca., I find the “sensible and simplistic” to be irresponsible and unaccountable.
    Why dear actuary do these “Only raise taxes on the poor, but not us, or the NIMBY, become sensible? You claim that a “inflation adjusted tax on commuters” can fund roads and bridges.
    Did you forget that “inflation” is flat or 0?
    And Corps, adjust their Consumer prices to reflect higher than 0 tax on themselves? Do you want those teens who work at the local McDonalds to pay European $15 a gallon to commute to work?
    I prefer a tax code that allows every tax payer to pay their fair share so that the country can keep a culture that rewards a higher satisfaction and a higher standard of living for more of its citizens.
    A tax code, that has allowed Warren Buffet and imigrants, like Emond Musk to become wealthy and build New Businesses and invest in businesses for the long term. Why dear, can a insurance company deduct your fees and my tax advice fees and me and you and other individual taxpayers cannot do that?
    There was and are some accountants, who believe that a balance sheet SHOULD include the value of employees as long term assets. That the balance sheet should include the costs of not paying a livable wage and not paying for good mental health stress and the cost of planned obsolescence in products and structures.
    I always find it amazing that “smart” wants to emulate “dumb”. NYC and California and the USA are hard places to succeed, then you have countries, that are laisez faire, with few government regulations, BUT USA and NYC, are places where successful companies want to be and the states with few regulations do not get these innovators.

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