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  1. Dear Jane: When Congress and others (especially the Republicans) can enrich themselves by tailoring WEP and GPO “exceptions” to their benefit, they must realize that the WEP is UNFAIR. If someone in 2020 is earning less than $75,000 in pension benefits, they should not be penalized by WEP. If you are NOT affected by WEP, it really is none of your business to comment and hurt over 2,5 million hard-working members who ARE affected!! Some people are losing over $408.00 per month, and recent retirees lose $428.00 per month.

    You also FORGET that some retirees who are WEP affected have paid into dual systems in their retirement — public pensions AND Social Security. The GPO (Government Pension Offset) has a provision that if you worked the last 5 years and paid into both systems prior to retirement, you are excluded from any penalties. How convenient of Congress to give themselves, once again, a free pass at exclusions.

    The same should apply for the WEP — if you paid into BOTH systems five or six years prior to retirement, you should be exempted from the 30-year rule. Mr. Ronald Reagan, the originator of the WEP and GPO in the first place, managed to collect 3 pensions at the time of his retirement.

    Posting this for all to see just what IS fair and not fair.

  2. WEP is not only unfair that a person who serves in the public system has their Social Security reduced because they took on private work to supplement their income. Those who paid into Social Security from a second job and work for a public government job have their Social Security reduced or penalized because they work as a teacher, firefighters or police officer yet those who are mayors or justices do not. This is absolutely wrong and your article is misleading.

    1. Yes it is unfair. I worked 24 years paying into Soc Sec. Even after a major back surgery returned back to work in manual labor for another 7 years before another injury. I had to fight the sorry Soc Sec Administration for 6 dam years to get disability and they even screwed me then. After years of about starving on the measly check I managed to return to a Local Government Job.
      Now old enough to collect some of my Soc Sec but come to find out,When I retire from my government job The Thieves are gonna screw me again for over $400 from my Soc Sec . The Government is nothing but a Legal Thief

  3. how many articles have you written on this subject?
    are you personally affected by the current law or any changes to the law?
    Did you support the election of PRESIDENT ELECT Biden?
    Do you believe the election results were fair and unbasied?
    Just four questions to ask

  4. Just remember when WEP started in the 80s – when Ronald Reagan decided to start leeching money out of the Social Security system and found a way through WEP – a little known fact! I don’t think many people would object to giving our underpaid teachers, firefighters, and police officers an extra couple of hundred dollars a month.
    It’s insulting and manipulative that the argument is always couched in “fairness” – was it fair that senators and congressmen’s sons were able to escape draft to Vietnam by enrolling in college and that poor people, especially people of color, had to go fight a war in a place we never belonged?
    Please – stop talking about fairness – nothing is fair.

  5. I agree with the comments. WEP and GPO is unfair when you and/or your spouse have paid into the SS system to qualify for benefits and they are denied because of civil service work.

    Not only do we not get the benefits owed to us, civil servants give up the opportunity for greater pay in the for-profit marketplace. Where is the fairness in that?

    I can understand if you one has never paid into the system, but those who have should receive what is due to them through the SS system. It is my prayer that this is repealed in the early years of Biden’s tenure as president.

  6. I have been in education for 41 years. In 23 of those years I worked in states which took social security from my check. The yearly statement I receive will be reduce by about 40% even though it shows 0 for the years I did not pay into SS. I am not asking for more than the years I worked but just for the years I worked. Just pay be for the 23 years I worked in SS positions, don’t take it away.
    It almost like putting money in the bank them going to get it and they reduce what you have in your account.

  7. Regarding the WEP. Your article addresses Teachers, but does not acknowledge the millions more non teaching professionals employed in schools around the nation. We are the non-certificated (classified)professionals: The school LVN’s, cooks, maintenance personnel, librarians, instructional assistants, speech and physical therapy assistants, office staff…most of us have college degrees.

    In California, our public pensions are based on Service Credit- not years of service: 6 hours per day X number of instructional days per year. OurService Credit never reflects our annual years of employment. Working 9-10 months per year, our pensions are nominal. I worked under Social Security 20 years in private industry before my organization went bankrupt. I worked as a low-wage school employee 18 years after. My school earnings never matched my earnings in the private sector. I found out after my school retirement ( I retired at 56), I would lose an arbitrary 40% of my Social Security benefits…regardless of my school pension being $600 after 18 years of employment.

    There is no getting around the fact that WEP is arbitrary and unfair. It would not matter if my school pension was $100 per month- as it stands now, I would lose 40% of what should be almost $1,100 per month this year at age 65.

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