5 thoughts on “Forbes post, “What’s Fair, What’s Unfair, In A HEROES Act State And Local Bailout?”

  1. I’m confused by your October 20, 2020 article “What’s Fair, What’s Unfair, In A HEROES Act State And Local Bailout?”

    What was your goal here? Why stir people up (especially now) by criticizing an allocation algorithm that, while imperfect, at least has some basis in logic? You offer no analysis or critique of the allocation by population or any other allocation methodology for comparison purposes. So you stir people up without offering valid comparison to any other alternatives.

    Your critique implies that some areas were rewarded over others. Does it make more sense to use population as an allocation method and provide money to areas where people are not unemployed?

    I’m sure you recognize that there is no allocation algorithm that is fair to all concerned. Unless you can propose a better alternative undermining a stimulus allocation methodology is irresponsible, especially now while people are already on edge and at odds with one another. For the record, I have not received, nor will I receive any stimulus money. I am also a nerd. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and have over thirty years experience in the electric utility industry, retiring as a Pricing Advisor.

    If your aim was to help people understand the complexities of allocation methodologies you would have offered pros and cons of both methodologies. So again I ask what your intent was in writing this article?

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