6 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Is The Illinois Constitution’s Pension Protection Clause Truly The Will Of The People?”

  1. Leave my Pension alone! It’s hard enough for seniors to make it nowadays, pensions & Social Security are all we’ve got to live on. We didn’t make the rules on these, just abide by them. Not our fault. But the COLA’s don’t add up to the real Cost of living every year! Leave them alone!

    1. The goal of pension reform is to curb unearned, future benefits. Earned benefits are protected. You pension check will not be one penny smaller because of pension reform.

  2. I agree, as a teacher who receives a pension that something must be done. Do people know the the Teachers Retirement System board was AGAINST the change from 3% simple to 3 % compound COLA??? The legislators passed it so THEIR pensions saw the increase. We stated there was nothing in place to cover the increase but they didn’t care about passing it along to our future generations. Limits are needed in THEIR pensions…not cops, firemen and teachers. If they serve ONE term they get a pension. I worked 36 years for mine helping special education students. I feel like I earned mine but politicians???? NO WAY!

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