6 thoughts on “Forbes post, “What Would A Joe Biden Presidency Retirement System Look Like? Farewell, 401(k), For Starters”

  1. That is totally INSANE!!!!!! What is wrong with him??? I am si sick and tired of working for all those lazy S.O.B.s. 1/2 of the abled workers DONT WORK!! Now we are suppose to carry them thru retirement too? We already supported them thru their working years all cuz they didnt want to work!! Maybe we all should not work. What would dumbass Biden do then? Where would he get the money for all of us to not work and pay our retirement too. People need to get off their dead ass and work. If the government cant see that they have a huge problem!!!! I am so sick of this GIVE ME GENERATION and the government for allowing it! What is he teaching everyone? I know-dont work you will get money anyway

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